With full mastery of the advanced ticketing system max pass we had an action packed morning of rides.

This entailed:

Soarin’ – everyone loved the epic footage (except Jayne because she had her eyes closed in total fear)

Guardians of the Galaxy – rollicking fun in the dark

Midway mania – five stars from all for the shooting gallery ride

Cars racers – so good we went back again

Dancing cars

Midway mania (again)

California screaming roller coaster (no one could convince Jayne to come on this, everyone else loved it)

Silver spinning rockets

Grizzly peak water rapids

Then we went and swapped parks to Disneyland and went to:

Haunted House (poor reviews from us)

Indiana Jones (great)

Stopped momentarily for a Dole Whip pineapple ice cream, which the girl had researched and knew where the secret shorter queue was.

Buzz light year blasters

StarTours ride (I was feeling a bit crook by this point)

Kids did the autopia car ride again

Monorail to Disney Central

Sprinkles Cupcake

And then home … and swimming in the pool.

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