Final Disney Day

Sadly we had our final day in Anaheim and final day at Disney.

The morning started wonderfully as the buffet breakfast had bacon today. (The first day we missed breakfast because we slept 14 hours, morning 2 only had sausage meat).

Our plan for the parks was a few rides we had missed and a few favourites.

The kids managed to drag mum on the Space Mountain – a fast, freaky, roller coaster which was almost completely in the dark. In fairness she went on every ride except the upside down roller coaster, which the kids went on 3 times today.

We combined lunch and dinner, “linner”, with a visit to the Cheesecake Factory (without actually having any cheesecake). Thanks Fleur for the hot tip.

We returned for another delightful evening in the pool (for a few minutes), spa (for a few more) and lounging on the couches by the fire pit.

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