We packed up in Anaheim, picked up a Camry and drove, and drove, and drove to Las Vegas.

Despite some general anxiousness in the car, the 5 hour drive was largely uneventful.

We couldn’t believe the amount of cars 3 or 4 lanes full of cars and trucks nearly the whole way. Great scenery and sweeping views for most of the drive as well (I may not have seen quite as much as the rest of the family as I was concentrating on avoiding the trucks).

We droppped our bags off and headed out to whole foods for some supplies. The girl was in her element choosing between organic fruits and salads. Even bought some Aussie citrus to stave off scurvy and home-sickness.

Driving home was slightly more eventful as I turned left up our street sort of the wrong way potentially into oncoming traffic. There were no cars coming so alls well that ends well 😬

3 thoughts on “Off to Vegas

  1. Good work with Camry driving Enjoy the fun of Vegas…shame the vibe might be down after last weekend #hothothot #outletshopping #m&mworld #itsthefreakindesert

    1. Not sure the driving was that impressive, hopefully better today! We haven’t looked around much yet but there were big memorial signs up everywhere and at the welcome to Las Vegas sign.

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