We made the short trek out to Red Rock Canyon National Park this morning to get amongst some nature.

The critical appraisal of my driving was not so insistent today and it was incident free so I take that as a success.

The Park was great with a windy one way 13 mile bitumen trail to drive around with half a dozen parking lots and walking trails. There were also a lot of MAMALs pedalling around the trail as well.

Plenty of photos were taken of the various rock structures and posing children. It was quite warm so there were a few tatooed shirtless dudes walking around. After we had finished taking in the epic vistas, we turned around and found that our boy had joined them with his shirt off.

We dropped in to another supermarket on the way home, to pick up some cereal. We picked up a few sacks which should last us the next 2 days here 😁.

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