We arrived in New York and are all feeling the excitement.

Despite a long day.

We got up early to ensure we beat the LA traffic.

Unfortunately the crew may not have done the same, and our plane was delayed because the crew was stuck in traffic. We got going about an hour late.

The 5.5 hour flight was OK. When we arrived we quickly collected 3 of our bags, waiting and waiting for the 4th which never arrived 😠.

After an hour or so of waiting and paperwork, we got in a taxi, and enjoyed a slalom ride through traffic to Manhattan. Because of our various delays it was quite spectacular seeing the city as the sun went down.

We checked in at our hotel which looks great. We went for a walk, stocked up on supplies at whole foods and all marvelled at our first impressions of New York.

< Not our hotel, just a cool building on our walk).

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