Out and about in NYC

Slow start after a big day of travelling yesterday.

It was cold when we went outside today, a max temp of 16, after temperatures at 35 2 days ago in LA.

We spent most of the day walking around (after starting off skipping down the street with excitement), taking in the sites and some iconic shops.

Up 5th Avenue, actual stops at Tiffanys, Nike Store, Apple. Beautiful lunch at Plaza Hotel Food hall. Times Square to get School of Rock tickets and visit the NBA store.

Among the sights on the walk back was a paper fire in the back of a truck – FDNY in action.

School of Rock was sensational. We had watched the movie a few weeks ago, and the show built on the good story and songs, with a number of additional musical numbers. The whole audience was buzzing, particularly us. The performers were great, including all the kids playing the instruments.

Walk home and quick late dinner at Chipolte was a great end to our first full NY day.

3 thoughts on “Out and about in NYC

  1. Looks awesome guys! Hope that bag has finally found you. What’s a trip to the US without losing a bag!! Jayne: photo of Tiffany purchases please. X

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