Statue of Liberty, Yankees playoffs and perhaps most importantly, Dō

Caught our first subway of the trip to catch the Staten Island ferry and see the Statue of Liberty.

Strategically placed ourselves to race onto the boat and get a top story balcony spot for the cruise past. Great spot for views of the statue and the city.

We got straight back on the return boat and planned our important travel to the girl’s priority for the NYC leg of the trip – Dō (as in cookie dough). Subway up there (after a quick detour of catching the subway the wrong way for a stop). Stopped in at a cool artists market on the way.

Beautiful lunch at a small French bakery and then a few doors down to the main attraction at Dō.

The girl had done extensive research on the place, serving scoops of uncooked cookie dough and eaten in a cone or with a spoon like ice cream.

“But what about the uncooked eggs?”

“The milk and eggs are pasteurised dad! I’ve looked it up”

I found it quite sweet and enjoyed a small bit, but would struggle with a whole scoop, let alone the three scoop serve they offer. The girl can write a guest post review tomorrow.

In the late afternoon we got back on the subway to head to Yankees stadium. Game five of the ACLS (a bid deal).

The train was packed solid. We got there a few minutes early, and spent about 20 minutes in a crush of people trying to get through security.

Once in it was amazing! The place was packed, the crowd buzzing. Us (particularly the boy) joining in the lets go Yankees and Seven Nation Army chants. Giving high fives to our new stadium mates as the Yankees continuously built a lead and kept sniffing out any Astros hits.

Saw a home run to lift the lead to 5-0. Both kids have been with my dad enough to the footy to know you should leave early to beat the crowd, so were pleading to leave in the 8th innings to beat the 55,000 people that would be crushing onto the train. We left a bit early, got straight on the train, which was still packed but we could breathe, and the score finished 5-0, so a great night.

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