Roosevelt Island

Local lunch today and a beautiful quiche, sandwich and pastry (we’ve taken to ordering 2.5 to 3 meals between us).

We then went to the Roosevelt island tramway. Everyone didn’t look to confident when they saw what it actually was.

It was a jam packed suspended cable car, carrying us over traffic and water to an island in the East river. It was actually super smooth and provided great views over the city. We just used the normal subway ticket to ride it..

Everyone loved it in the end.

Roosevelt Island was a welcome bit of calm outside, it’s amazing how much constant noise of traffic and sirens there are in the city.

We caught the subway back to see Madison Square Garden.

An ice hockey game had just finished so we watched some of the players leave (not knowing who any of them were).

We then walked up to Bryant Park, to sit and have a drink. Up 5th Avenue for some more shopping and Xbox gaming. The wife was very happy that Saks had their Christmas decorations up in time for our visit. We finished with Dinner at Shake Shack at Grand Central.

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