Last day in NY

After 8 days of perfect weather, today was drizzling and raining for much of the day. It was still quite warm though and was still 20C at 10 o’clock at night.

I went for a jog around Central Park and the humidity and my sad lack of fitness were both a problem.

We went out for breakfast and the girl got a healthy serve of fruit. unfortunately it was pay by weight and cost us about $25. But I’m told it was very nice.

We made sure to use the last day of our subway pass, with stops at Bloomingdales and Times Square (the girls waited in the pouring rain for tickets).

After lunch we jumped on the wrong train (it has happened surprisingly rarely) so we got off at the next stop.

We then had a race, girls on foot, boys on trains, to see who would be first home. The boys worked out a grand plan with 2 train rides and a short walk between. The girls more direct option beat us by about 10 minutes ☹️. But my knees were the real winners because I didn’t want to walk anymore 🙂. And we saw French Bulldogs for sale and a cupcake ATM 😁.

Our last night was spent at Charlie and the Chocolate Factory musical which everyone enjoyed.

A final walk through Times Square and back to our hotel, ready for our next adventure tomorrow.

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