Magnolia Markets, Waco

For devotees of the home improvement show “Fixer Upper” Waco is somewhat of a spiritual pilgrimage.

Getting there was interesting having to navigate some of the massive highways around Fort Worth. Outside of the city area the traffic thinned out to more reasonable levels and the drive was almost pleasant.

We arrived in Waco along with hundreds of other excited fans of the show.

The markets are at an old silo site and the setup was great. There is a large decorating and memorabilia store at the front of the site.

Behind there is a large lawn area, with balls and games for kids (and the occasional adult) to play with. The kids and I spent ages throwing the 🏈 around and throwing beanbags.

We had a choice of about 10 food trucks for lunch and all our choices were great, pizza, hotdog and brisket sandwich.

We checked out the seed and garden store at the rear of the complex.

We joined the line for the onsite bakery and got some sensational cupcakes to finish with some afternoon snacks.

We managed to find 1 or 2 things to buy to remember our trip (or maybe 10 or 15). Chip and Jo (the stars of the show) are major stars in the US, they were on a number of New York TV shows when we were there and have a magazine, books and homewares lines here in Texas. We didn’t see them at the silos but Jayne spoke to Jo’s mum. All the staff were super friendly, with many people commenting on our accent.

3 thoughts on “Magnolia Markets, Waco

  1. Mmmmmmm brisket!
    Looks like my kinda day and glad there were plenty of purchases.
    Tell the girl I spent this afternoon with her bestie Milie. She is as devine as your girl!

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