We packed up in the morning, saying goodbye to the kids as they went back to school (they had the day off on Halloween to help show us around).

We said our goodbyes, unbelievably thankful for the great experience and the generosity of the family for hosting us and giving us a great local Texas Halloween. We’ll always remember this part of our trip, Halloween and the fun time including all the activities and hanging around the house, playing basketball and table tennis and providing some amusement to everyone with our Aussie accents.

On the way home we dropped in at the San Marcos outlet shops, a massive complex of 2 outlet shopping centres, having a fun lunch there too.

The drive home was busy, broken up by a great section on a 80mph toll road where the traffic was thinner and the road great.

Back at home, the kids started cataloging their ridiculous pile of loot, a significant task.

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