To get our kids ready for Halloween, we were then shown to a large local Halloween costume store, where the kids chose from hundreds of outfits (Halloween is serious business in the US!).

In the afternoon we had fun helping set up the Halloween decorations while the kids carved pumpkins (they started with attempting intricate designs, but wisely switched to more conventional faces that worked well in the end).

We had watched and smelled in anticipation as a pot of chilli was cooking throughout the day, which we all loved for dinner. A group of families and the kids friends joined in the evening.

The dozen or so kids set off trick or treating in groups, led by the younger boys. Lucky they went when they did because some light rain started, then it started really raining and all the kids got quite soaked. The kids were rescued from the downpour and piled into a car to come home and dry out.

The rain reduced the total numbers of trick or treaters calling to the house, which just meant the ones that did turn up got big handfuls of candy. It didn’t really impact on our night, we sat in the garage, having a few wines and talking about life in Texas (topics included the challenges of Veganism in Texas: conclusion very hard when there is a big pit of chilli nearby!).

The rain let up later in the evening and a few more little kids started turning up, a number being driven by their parents. After drying off a bit our kids headed back to see a bit more of the neighbourhood and finalise their massive pile of candy.

A great night, we all went to bed happy (and full of sugar for the kids).

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