Friday Night Lights

In the evening we went to see some football. On the way the wife asked which Colleges we were going to see and I explained that we were going to see High School football, which no-one was then inspired to see. I think they expected we’d be standing on the grass at a local field. Not exactly.

We arrived at Allen Eagle stadium, the 18,000 seat, $60 million stadium that is home to a single high school football team. The car park seemed close to full an hour before the game, spotted with tailgaters with bbqs.

We went to purchase our tickets at the booth and a man (in full Allen Eagles gear) approached us to give us 4 tickets he’d had spare. Great start to the evening!

I thought it would be a fun experience to see a big high school football game but we couldn’t believe the setup. Full bands, cheerleaders and other supporters setting up on opposite sides of the field. Massive inflatable tunnels for both teams to run through. A massive video scoreboard. Food and drink stands, selling chick fil a sandwiches and other American food.

Our seats were great, in amongst the the home team crowd, in front of the cheerleaders, near the band and above where the home defence team were and kickers warmed up.

There was lots of presentations before the game (it was Seniors night, recognising all the high school seniors). Not just for the players, but the cheerleaders, band, marching squad, cadets etc

The game started and the home team were extremely dominant in the first quarter. The game was much more even after that, with the visiting Plano East Panthers making some big plays and even a long 50+ yard field goal just before half time.

There was so much to see besides the football. Half time saw presentations from the bands of both teams. The East band went first and it was a huge artistic display with impressive choreography. Then the Allen band, 750 people strong (the largest marching band in the US we were told). Totally amazing and we all loved it.

The game was high scoring, the home team won and we all had a sensational night.

Driving home at night was an experience as well, but after a week driving here we’re getting the hang of the Dallas traffic.

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