Another warm day here today, so with the sun on the pool in the morning we started with another swim.

Our first stop was the Founders Plaza park which is on the edge of the Dallas Fort Worth Airport and is a spot to watch the planes takeoff and land (at least on one side of the airport). There is also some binoculars and a transmission of the control tower talking with the planes. We also saw an animal (fox, coyote, bobcat??) wandering around in the airport grounds.

We then went up to the parks near the large Grapevine lake, where there were plenty of boats and sports grounds.

Driving around we found a great looking playground, packed with kids. There was also a cool water park (sadly closed for the season) and some great tennis and basketball courts, which we played on for ages. The girl finished the impromptu training session with some suicide sprints – good effort!

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