After driving around this morning we dropped back to the house to pick up the basketball. I opened the door to the car where Jayne was waiting and announced “Lazy dog!”, which she took as an insult (I’d like to clarify that I don’t actually talk to her like this), not as me telling her the name of the restaurant we were going to for lunch. After resolving that small miscommunication, we had a very enjoyable lunch.

We wandered around the vast shopping complex, checking out a few shops (despite his pleadings I decided against the full NFL kit for the boy) and stopping in for pile-as-high-as-you-can-FroYo (Maximum $5) Mondays.

In the evening we caught a Lyft to the NHL, Dallas Stars vs Winnipeg Jets. Traffic was shockingly bad, so I didn’t miss driving.

We didn’t know much about ice hockey, but enjoyed it, really fast paced, plenty of action, the occasional fist fight.

Dallas lost 4-1, but all goals were at our end of the stadium and we had a great time trying to understand the rules. The girl was a little disappointed we were leaving with a quarter to go (not realising there are only 3 periods).

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