Fort Worth Zoo

Started this morning with brunch at IHOP, a chain breakfast/pancakes restaurant that we all loved. Pancakes (buttermilk, red velvet, salted caramel, mocha) all round and all walked away full and happy.

It has turned much colder in the last few days, about 15C today. That combined with it being a Tuesday meant the crowds were pretty light on at the Fort Worth Zoo. Didn’t slow us down, we had a Wow of a time. The Zoo was really good, heaps of creepy reptiles and insects, a big Texan section, great bird exhibits (big raptors and small bird feeding).

There was a special interactive display we were invited to join where you could touch a large “Skink”. “Hey, that’s a blue tongue lizard, we have them in our backyard in Australia!” – the zoo helper looked a bit deflated when we told him we see them all the time.

There were lots of big cats and African animals that were moving around as we came past.

For those playing at home We think the animal we saw the other day at the airport was a coyote.

And to conclude today’s post here are some animal portraits.

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