We headed into the Perot Museum to learn about Science and Nature. There were some good interactive displays learning about space, geology, animals and nature.

We watched a 3D movie about big engineering and all teared up 😭 when they showed Adelaide as the finish line for the solar race from Darwin.

We then walked down the road to a park to have lunch at some local food trucks. Full marks for the yiros and chips and the Asian chicken rice bowl.

< e then got our culture on at the Dallas Art Gallery. We made and displayed some of our own art and then told the boy not to touch the Pollacks, Picassos or Monets. < ack at home (after taking a different highway because the Google Lady told me the wrong lane) we BBQd the monster bone-in steaks in the charcoal BBQ - sensational (although we could only eat 2 of the 3 between us).

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