It was Veterans Day today in the US. We woke up today with a large US flag in the lawn in front of our house, which was a little alarming until we realised they had been put up in every house in the neighbourhood.

We caught a Lyft into Dallas and the driver was a recently retired military pilot so we had an interesting chat to him his time as a pilot and strategist and upcoming role as a pilot for American Airlines.

Around Veterans Day many retail outlets have discounts for military (or free meals).

We went up the Reunion Tower in Dallas, a great view of the city and surrounds and a great perspective on some of the significant highways we have managed to navigate.

We then walked down towards the American Airlines Center and found some dinner. I got outvoted on the pizza choice, chicken alfredo (it was actually delicious).

Then off to the Cavaliers Mavericks game. We had been looking forward to this the whole trip. We were watching the Cavs play 2 days ago on TV, when Lebron rolled his ankle. The boy and I were instantly devastated that we might not see him play. Thankfully he was fine to play.

The game was a really good one, lead swapping throughout the game, Mavs up early, Cavs leading most of the second half, Mavs drawing level in the last few minutes and ultimately Cavs pulling away at the end.

All the players we came to see had some big moments (warning for non basketball fans, game analysis ahead).

Lebron didn’t have his best game, but had a a big chase down block and dunk in the final quarter.

Kevin Love was the clear best player for 3/4 of the game and looked dominant in the post and stretching the floor.

Kyle Korver made some big 3s curling off screens.

For the Mavs –

Dirk made some huge long threes trailing to get them back in it.

Dennis Smith Jr was at times explosive, making some great drives and dunks (but missed a crucial layup late).

Harrison Barnes, Wesley Matthews and JJ Barea all had some good moments.

A great night at the basketball.

The Lyft ride home was also good. After struggling to find our car (he got stuck in the wrong one-way traffic around the stadium) we walked a bit and finally got in the car.

Despite the terrible traffic we had to navigate he was a really nice guy to talk to, had lived around the US with his family and was interested about us, Australia and our travels. One interesting physical thing about him was that he didn’t have any hands or legs. We talked about basketball and baseball and learnt a bit about his travels playing rugby and swimming.

Two good and interesting Lyft rides for the day – definitely 5 stars!

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