Dallas Botanic Gardens

Today we went to the Dallas Botanical Gardens and Arboretum.

It was surprisingly great. Although it was overcast today, it is in a great location overlooking a large lake.

There were still Halloween displays with 90,000 pumpkins or something ridiculous like that.

There was a 12 days of Christmas display with a rotunda thing for each of the days (such as 5 geese in trees laying eggs).

There were heaps of plants and ponds and fish. All very pleasant.

The kids wanted to have their photo taken in front of every single thing in the Gardens. The boy had the camera for a while and took a photo of every tree and fish he came across. This post has taken me an hour to download and sift through all the photos!

At the basketball we got vouchers for Pluckers restaurant. It sounded classy so we went. It turned out to be a sports bar/chicken wing place. The cowboys (NFL) were playing so it was busy, the wings were really great, and the other food was also great although we ordered way too much.

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