Drove a little further north of Dallas today to Little Elm to meet up with a friend of a friend for breakfast. It was at a diner and I had the crepes with strawberries plus. The plus turned out to be 2 eggs, 2 bacon and 2 sausage. Pretty good deal for $5!

We had a bit of a look around Little Elm and we hung around the playground near the lake for a while.

Back at home the kids took it upon themselves to rake up the fall leaves (to pile them up and jump on them).

The rest of the day we hung around at the house and the local park, throwing our NFL football around, kids on the equipment and playing hide and seek amongst the trees.

We finished the day playing some UNO and Chinese Checkers.

The fifth member of our travelling party has been our only form of navigation, the Google Lady. During a particularly crucial juncture of the Chinese Checkers game the wife was taking a while deciding on her next move. The boy, in a perfect impersonation of the Google Lady monotones “There is a five minute slowdown on Mum’s turn”. 😄

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