Fort Worth Stockyards, JFK Museum and Mavs Spurs

We started our day with a visit to the historic Fort Worth Stockyards. This was an area with old buildings and paved streets celebrating Texas history and cowboys and cows. Twice a day they have a parade of Texas Longhorn cattle down the street. These cattle are not misnamed, the horns are seriously impressive. We had a look around and the kids went in a large stockyard style maze.

We had lunch at a large Mexican outdoor restaurant called Joe T Garcias. It was a great setting although the wife almost got eaten by a large black bug. We did not heed our own advice and ordered an avalanche of food.

In the late afternoon we went to the 6th Floor JFK Museum. The museum was fascinating, everyone being provided an iPhone and headphones to listen to commentary on different stations following the president’s trip to Texas and the shooting and investigation. It was quite moving standing and being shown where the president was shot from. One photo below was from a display on the 7th floor where photos were permitted.

After leaving at the 6pm close, we walked down to the basketball for a Texas rivalry game Dallas v San Antonio.

There were some good highlights,

a huge driving dunk from Dennis Smith Jr, a great block against the backboard from Rudy Gay and Aussie Patty Mills starting and leading the scoring early. At times the Spurs looked really good moving the ball for open shots or favourable matchups – particularly Lamarcus Aldridge.

The 3-point shooting was unfortunately average from both teams and there were loads of turnovers, particularly early.

A big bonus was that everyone got a free t-shirt for attending the game. As an added bonus I caught another, different Mavs T-shirt thrown into the crowd.

We have an early start tomorrow (oohh, the suspense) so left the game a bit early to “Grandpa” it and beat the traffic.

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