We had hoped to get to Washington for a day while staying in New York. We decided against that because of the travel time and cost on the train/bus. However staying next to one of the largest airports in the world has some advantages, flight options to Washington. So we booked a 1 night trip, on the plane at 7:30 am and home 7:30 pm tomorrow.

Our budget tickets meant no bags, apart from “personal items”, so we travelled light with just 2 backpacks. Once we got to Baltimore airport the Lyft to Washington was quite a good nearly hour long drive on the tree lined highway past NASA and the NSA.

We started off at Columbus Circle, walking past senate offices up to the Capitol building. We joined a line to the Visitor Centre and were pointed to the tour. We later found out that most people book ahead through their Senators office- oh well, we just rocked up and joined in. Glad we did, the tour was great and interesting, the history of the building and relationship to the development of the USA. The House and Senate were both meeting so we saw a few Congress people walking the halls. The tour was great to give us all more background to the history and operation of the US Government as we then took in the monuments along the mall.

After the tour we walked around the other side of the Capitol building and up the Mall. We found somewhere to eat at the Statue Garden Cafe which was badly needed by about 4pm.

We continued walking along, amazed at the buildings along the way. The Washington Monument is a major beacon and a great spot to look both ways along the mall, also providing our first glimpse of the White House.

We walked over to the White House (or as close as we could) and rattled off more photos there.

As it started getting dark we continued on, past the fountains and reflecting pool and on to the Lincoln Memorial.

We caught a short ride up to our accomodation and found a cool burger place for dinner. We were all trashed after a long day and another 20,000 step day.

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