Back in Dallas, we decided to get in the Christmas spirit at Gaylord (a large hotel/convention centre in Grapevine).

The ICE Christmas display was a series of Christmas activities (that were reasonably expensive and actually a little underwhelming). Thankfully we had only decided to do the snow tubing, which was fun.

The main event, however was the ICE display, which was really cool (there were plenty of cold puns flying around). We got kitted up in snow parkas and entered the large space held at -12C. Insider were a series of ice sculpture displays, finishing with an ice slide. By the end we felt like our ears were going to fall off, but had all had a good time.

We warmed up in the gift shop area with some hot chocolates and cupcakes. We had a wander around the Gaylord centre, with more Christmas decorations (large and small, multiple model trains) inside the large plaza in the middle of the hotel.

We then went to the Town Square shopping centre, which turned out to be another monstrous, modern shopping precinct, which was quite nicely organised in streets and interspersed with parks. The wife got a cool matte screen cover for her phone at the Apple Store (having somehow accidentally ripping the old one off with a sticker).

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