After breakfast at Wholefoods, we caught a Taxi to Arlington Cemetery.

Without knowing too much about it before we went, the size and scale of the whole site is humbling. It is an impressive and somber memorial. We walked up to see the changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier.

We walked through the Cemetery and through to the Kennedy memorial. We were all conscious of the life and death of of JFK having just been to the JFK museum in Dallas.

We then went back to the mall, to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. This contained a huge number of displays and demonstrations about the history and science of flight and space travel. Most of the objects on display were real planes and space craft through the years. With more time we could have spent much more time here and particularly the other Museums along the mall.

We then walked back up the hill to see the Supreme Court building. This was another impressive building. We learnt about the history of the building and the operation of how the Supreme Court works, including the 9 Justices and needing 5 for a majority decision.

Before we had to head back to the airport we walked back along the mall, stopping for a drink near the Capitol building and then back towards the White House.

On booking the Lyft to the airport, we were delayed for a few minutes, checked our departure time and realised it was 30 minutes earlier than we thought. Then the traffic to the airport was gridlocked (in the end taking around 90 minutes rather than 45 minutes the previous day). Despite some gnashing of teeth, we made it in time, bolted some dinner in the airport and then all enjoyed (almost) the 3 hour flight back to Dallas.

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