With the morning free before our flight in the afternoon, and awake at 5.30 after sharing the beds with the kids, we decided to catch the airport train to Hong Kong Island and look around for a while.

The train was quite simple to organise and the ride in was great, past the harbour, ports and apartment buildings.

Looking a little lost at the destination train station, a helpful pilot from Perth gave us a few pointers of what to see in the area and we wandered to the wharf, around a shopping centre and to the outdoor escalator. We found a beautiful cafe back near the train station before back on the train, checked out of the hotel, through the check-in/security and then waiting.

Just as we were settling in for an hour or 5 of free WiFi- a group of carollers set up right in front of us for a few choreographed carols. Then Santa turned up to give all the kids reindeer ears or a Christmas hat. Nice work HK airport!

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