After flying in around 8:30pm, a slow time clearing immigration and an 11pm walk to the local supermarket it turned out a late first night. 

Our first full day in Washington started with a sleep-in, especially the kids who both slept til around 10:30 until we woke them up.

The Starbucks 5 doors down the street was bustling on a Sunday morning and 45 minutes after the coffee cooled down it was actually quite good.

After a great Lyft across the city and past many of the landmark sites (Washington, Jefferson, Pontomac River, Bridges) we hit the Tanger outlet shops to get ready for Christmas (including bargain shoes, socks and make-up, only some of which was for Matt). The place was really busy (Sunday before Christmas), with police directing the banked up traffic even as we were leaving late in the afternoon.

After coming home we rugged up (it’s around 0 overnight) and traveled back to the city to see a Christmas market which was busy and cool. After that we went to see the Whitehouse to see the Christmas tree. On arriving it was dark and the lights weren’t working 🙁

The large tree is surrounded by small trees from each of the States, but in the dark it wasn’t that exciting. Seeing the Whitehouse with Christmas decorations was good.

We then went to the Willard Hotel to see the Christmas displays which was good and inside we were treated to some more Christmas carols. 

Then over further to see another precinct with some other great Christmas lights and another great big (lit) Christmas tree 🙂

3 thoughts on “Day 1 in Washington

  1. It certainly looks cold there. We are expecting over 40deg for the next 4 days with Sun being predicted 46deg. We are catching the next flight to Washington to cool off. And we will bring the dog. Enjoy being cold.

  2. How disappointing the lights weren’t working, how rude!! Surely they new you were coming! Did you buy any decorations at the markets Jayne. Enjoy!

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