A bit of Christmas preparation today – kickstarted by Starbucks after broken sleep overnight. As the wife checked the kids before going to bed the boy woke straight up in bed at midnight thinking it was snowing (it wasn’t) and later was heard at 5 am, which turned out was him brushing his teeth. “What else would I be doing – I was bored”. Of course he went back to sleep and both kids didn’t wake til after 9:30.

A trip to a local Westfield, then back home and then walking to a local shopping centre and Wholefoods yielded supplies and final things required for Christmas. Christmas wrapping was in short supply (a single small roll in wholefoods $18 (around $25) was not on our list).

Being behind the real world in Australia meant we phoned in to a few family gatherings to share in Christmas.

At 4:30 pm we went to a local church Christmas Eve service which was in a beautiful old church and featured lots of carols, candles and actual sheep and goats.

The evening was back home with dinner followed by a few hours of Monopoly – with a result still a long way from settled. Presents were wrapped and now 1 sleep to Christmas.

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