-2 C overnight but no sign of snow. For the first time ever the parents were awake before the kids and we had to wake them up around 9 am.

Santa must have got our temporary change of address note and dropped a few presents off which were a big hit with the kids.

Breakfast down at Starbucks was a popular spot. A car into the city for Christmas Lunch at Founding Farmers DC restaurant. The city felt almost empty. Almost no cars or people on the street.

However the restaurant was really busy – glad we booked as there was around 10 groups waiting. The food was really good although we ordered more than we could eat.

After lunch we walked down to the mall and thought we might get a photo by ourselves at the Lincoln Monument because the city was so quiet. Not quite! the place was packed. We also walked and saw the Korean War and Martin Lutheran King Memorials.

A very enjoyable and memorable Christmas.

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