Another sleep in for the kids (what is going on?).

The (late) morning then entailed a wander around the Friendship Heights district where we are staying looking at all the cool houses and spotting the squirrels. We ended up at the local shopping centre where we briefly looked at a few shops and found some lunch.

Later in the afternoon we then went to the National Zoo to see the animals and then the Christmas light display.

The trip to the zoo was …. quite underwhelming. The visit started OK, a “Fish Cat” and a couple of nervous looking goldfish in the pen. After that it was a series of dissapointments of closed and empty closures (presumably in their burrows or hiding out of the cold). All the major attractions were closed. All the inside enclosures were closed for the lights show (some looked good from the outside). We saw one cold looking lonely elephant far off in the distance.

There were 2 bison (pretty cool, but stinky. Amusingly a little kid nearby was yelling to his family to come and see the horses) and the tigers and lions were out and about and active which was entertaining (particularly compared to the closed enclosures), which slightly redeemed the long walk.

The second reason for the zoo visit was the Christmas lights which were a series of animal light shapes, projections and lights in trees throughout the zoo. They were all fine, but I think we’d been a bit jaded by the sad lack of animals at the zoo.

We decided to walk the ~5km home, which according to the boy’s new fitness tracker, got him to 24,000 steps for the day. Pretty good effort!

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