Supreme Court and Christmas Trees

We started today’s adventures on the Metro subway train. The station at Friendship Heights was quite impressive, the massive concrete lined escalator and station felt like a space station.

The train took us to the large and even more impressive Union Station where we saw a model train display, Christmas decorations and Christmas tree.

A short walk over to the Capital Building and then to the Supreme Court. We joined a lecture inside the court to learn about how cases are chosen by the court and the oral arguments are heard. It is also a great spot for photos (not in the actual courtroom though, no electronic devices allowed).

Next door was the library of Congress, which was also a grand building and home to a very fine Christmas Tree.

Then another short walk past the Capital Building to the Botanic Gardens – which was absolutely packed, but interesting and featured some delightful Christmss cheer.

Although then only around 4pm, it felt late as it was starting to get real cold again and the sun sets at aroun 430. We went past the basketball stadium to get some tickets for Saturday and again caught the train home.

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