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The Girl:

Today in Washington D.C it wasn’t as cold as the other days. The high temperature was 12 degrees with a lot of fog.

First thing in the morning we caught a lyft to the wool shop. Mum had a lot of fun there and so did the rest of us because there were free donuts.

The Natural history museum was a bit of a let down. This was mainly up to the fact that there was so many people there. There were kids (and adults) running round everywhere. Before we even got in, it was crazy. We had to wait one hour in the rain just to get in to the place.

The American history museum was the museum we liked better today. This one wasn’t as crowded, so we could see everything and actually experience the museum.

We went to one of our favorite restaurants in the U.S – the Cheesecake Factory. It was delicious as usual and we shared 2 big meals between us.

The Boy:

Today we went to two museums. The first one wasn’t very good because dad said it was the Night at the Museum Museum but it wasn’t. 

The museum had lots of animals, the first koala had a tiny head and it should’ve been a bigger head. There was another koala that was okay but it still had a tiny head that should have been fatter. The kangaroos didnt even look like kangaroos. Then we went to the sea creature area and they had whales and lots of bones and stuff. 

Then we went to the place where all the viruses were and to the nature section of that museum.

Then we went to another museum which was way better, because the first museum  wasnt great because there was way too many people including little kids crawling through my legs.

The second museum was way better it was the American history one. As soon as we walked in there was a Batmobile and it was like the actual one that can be driven. Then we walked around and saw lots of vehicles like buses and cars and horses and carriages.

Then there was other parts of the museum, we went to a food exhibit and then there was food plates and on the way out the security guard bumped me.

Then the museum closed and we walked to the train station it was like 100,000,000,000 miles (kilometres) and then we hopped on the train and then it took the usual time.

Mum is scared of the things that go up like the really long escalators.

Then we came home, no, we went to the cheesecake factory and that was good because we got nachos and I got a salad and a lemonade so that’s good and then we walked home like usual but we went a different way that we hadn’t been before. 

Then we came home and I am now wroting the blog the end.

3 thoughts on “Day at the Museums

  1. Well that sounds like a big day O and A. Did you tell them their Koalas and Kangaroos look nothing like the real deal! Hope Mum bght some wool!

  2. Obviously they were American koalas and kangaroos.
    Long separated from their Australian cousins so they have evolved differently in the 6000 years that the world has existed.

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