After last nights late arrival home from the basketball we had a sleep in, well more to point the boy didn’t wake up and creak down the stairs so we were all able to have a sleep in! 

We then rushed to get to the movies- saw Spider-Man, which was surprisingly good for an animated version. 

Whilst in the shopping district we wondered around a little – went into a dept store. The girl picked up a scarf that she might like – checked the price tag, $500 – we were out as fast as we could go! 

Caught a lyft to Georgetown which is a historical town just out of the city Centre. We waited about half an hour in line at Georgetown Cupcakes. Due to the wait we decided to buy 12 – thought that was the right thing to do- they were amazing!

We wondered down the M street – so pretty with all the Christmas wreaths and window decorations. The street was so narrow to walk down and so busy on a Sunday afternoon.

We ended up wondering down many side streets as the houses were gorgeous, most were attached townhouses but in different colours and materials. The front doors were all different colours – we decided it was so they could quickly work out which house was theirs.

We then had another quick ride to the area near the Pentagon. We stumbled on a seesaw park, yes that’s all the park had was approx. 14 seasaws. They weren’t your average seesaws they were for 2-4 people with music and lights.

We eventually worked out that we could visit the 9/11 memorial site near the Pentagon – it was a powerful reading the names of those that died on individual monuments (no photos near the Pentagon).

We decided to take the Metro home near the Pentagon. We thought we were quite clever as we had to transfer trains to get on our normal Red Line home. Overall we have been really impressed by the trains, which have been very clean and fast. During the train ride we were seranaded by a girl and boy – very cool. 

Having been on the train for approx 3/4 hr we found it to be dark when we emerged from the subway, being that it was 4.30 at night. The boy often breathes heavy to see if it’s cold – yep it’s cold look at the air out of my mouth! Walked the 10 or so minutes back to our house. It’s so nice to walk into the house and instantly be warm with the central heating.

We very quickly decided that we needed to have dinner – or if you have forgotten to have lunch to us it’s known as Linner! Luckily we have many places to eat very close to us – tonight we chose a pizza and pasta restaurant – all I can say is they were the best pizzas we have had in the USA. Walked home for dessert – Georgetown cupcakes (probably had enough of those now, as I don’t want to see another one again soon). 

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