Hanging around the house in the morning, undertaking some handicrafts.

In a Lyft across town we talked with a really nice guy, but we were quite concerned for our lives at times. At one point he had to back up because he missed the corner and nearly went into a barricade. We arrived safely to see the local Maryland Women’s College Basketball team, playing against Rutgers. Really good game, cool stadium, close the whole way, great shooting (particularly early on) with the local team just losing in a close upset.

Really shocking weather, it was raining all day. After the game finished around 2pm we went to find some food. Just a 15 minute walk across the campus (in the pouring rain). We arrived to find the Centre completely shut up for the holiday break – thanks Dad!

We found a bit of shelter to wait until our car home arrived.

NYE dinner was at a restaurant recommended by our hosts, just another 1km in the (not quite as heavy as before) rain. The restaurant was fine and the kids were on fire for the last day of 2018. With the pouring rain we decided against the outdoor fireworks and watching the pouring rain at the NYE event in New York on TV confirmed that wasn’t such a bad idea.

Good end to 2018, looking forward to next year.

2 thoughts on “Maryland and NYE

  1. Happy New Year. It’s been lovely to look at ur photos, especially of the kids’ happiness. Stay safe and happy. Xxx

  2. Happy New Year It is great to see that you are all having a great time Your little mate is surviving the heat prancing around with his friend.Enjoy the rest of your time away.love Ma &Pa

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