Shops and sweet NBA suite

The day was filled with visits to 2 different shopping centres. As well as the shops it was good to see a bit more of the city we hadn’t seen before.

The evening was another trip to the Wizards NBA game, this time catching the train in, with the station right under the stadium.

We bought some tickets online yesterday and got them in a suite. We were in a suite of about 15 seats, a mixture of leather stadium seats, bar stools and another bar table. There was also TVs, a full kitchen and a private bathroom.

The game was pretty good, close most of the game, high scoring early and some good highlight plays. The local Wizards won, pulling away in the last 6 minutes.

After the game we had a scary moment as we were leaving, a large crowd of people were sprinting away from something and there were police lights flashing. Someone said something about “Shots” and the hundreds of people leaving at that time (including us) just scattered, scared of the potential of gun shots (there has been 2 shootings on the news today). We all hid behind a wall for a few minutes with another couple until we could tell the coast was clear.

We still don’t quite know what happened, but think there was a disturbance nearby and police were called. We decided to get a car home and thankfully that came quickly and was uneventful!

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