Travel from DC to New York

Big day today, up before sunrise (actually only 7am, sun rises at around 730) to finalize packing. It was sad to pack up and leave the house we’d been staying at. It was a great spot and a great house.

Car into Union Station then on the Amtrak train to New York. The train was quite full, but we all got a seat together. The seats were large and comfortable, there was a dining carriage to buy food and drinks there was little hassle in check in or waiting for bags – it was a great way to travel. 3.5 hours and a bit to see on the way through a few cities (Baltimore, Philadelphia) and across rivers and bridges (it was raining so it wasn’t that easy to see all the scenery!).

Arriving in New York it was pouring with rain. The street outside Penn train station was blocked so we walked a bit in the soaking rain to find a spot for a car to pick us up. We decided we could walk the 20 or so blocks to our hotel, but about 100 meters in the rain gave up on that idea and found a spot to call a Lyft.

Checked in the Hotel and the wife’s great negotiating skills managed to get an extra rollaway bed so the kids don’t have to share. The room we got is great, floor 16 windows on three different sides so there is lots to see.

We headed out to see the Christmas decorations before they are expected to be taken down soon. It was dark but as we approached 5th Avenue there were heaps of people around and a real buzz around. We went in a large Cathedral, were amazed by the large light/music display across the whole Saks Fifth Avenue Building, wandered across to the Rockerfeller Christmas Tree and Iceskating. 

We then kept walking to see the Radio City Music Hall, where the Rockette dancers perform the Christmas show each year. The wife was really disappointed that we missed it by a few days (it was ending on 2 January).

However as we get near we see people entering and a ticket line and ask what show is playing – the show has been extended for a few extra days!

We bought tickets and were amazed by the music, 3D Santa movie, singing, lights and most of all dancing which was amazingly choreographed and synchronized. It was a great Christmas event and were happy we were able to catch it.

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  1. Loved reading this update. Glad the wife got her wish. The Stage stuff over there is 2nd to none i reckon. So much atmosphere in NY at this time of the year. Stay safe and happy. X

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