Out this morning to the Adidas store and then on the subway down to Greenwich Village. After a coffee we joined a Greenwich Village food tour. 

The tour was great – included a bit of history of the region, including the African American, Italian, Irish and other cultural groups have occupied the area and the areas contribution to art and culture. We started at Washington square, with 10,000 people buried underneath (creepy).

As part of the tour we could buy samples of food at a number of outlets including

Pizza (artichoke- thick and delicious, some were saying say just like dad)

Falafel balls (Dad nearly expired when he inhaled the hot chili sauce and was coughing for the next ten minutes and everyone was laughing at him as he coughed green falafel all over himself – they were really good though)

Arincini balls- inside a great Italian store

Bantam Bagels – mini round bagels, a major Shark Tank Success story apparently

Gourmet Donuts


It was a great tour and we were all full after all the stops. We wandered around Greenwich Village for an hour or so, stopping at the pet store full of French Bulldogs for an extended time (we are missing our dog Jimmy). We also visited Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment (from Sex and the City).

Home on the train, then with the promise of potential snowfalls we went out for a walk, to farewell the Rockerfeller Tree and hopefully see some snow. It was freezing cold (-1 or so) but no snow was to be found 😕

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