Lower Manhattan and Wicked

On the train this morning to the World Trade Centre – starting at the amazing Architecture of the Westfield Centre, looking at the somber and moving 9/11 memorial. It was a foggy day, with us unable to see the top of the massive One World tower.

A bit of shopping and lunch nearby then walked down to Wall Street and the Stock Exchange and then in to the Staten Island Ferry. Again the fog reduced the viewing distance which limited our view back to Manhattan, but could see the Statue of Liberty just fine.

Home in the train and then off to see if we could get tickets to Wicked tonight. There were were some tickets available so we snapped them up and we were in for a great night. Cool sets, great songs, great singing, we all had a great time. As the show came to an end the kids were packing up there stuff to leave, we said no that’s just the interval we’ve got another half to go! When it finally did end we were all humming (if not a bit of singing) in the 1km walk home afterwards. A great night.

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