Around Midtown and Frozen

Around midtown today – with a stop at the New York Public Library. Really cool building – the wife and I both strangely had the fleeting desire to study again. The kids weren’t as excited at going back to school ☹️

Went back to the NBA store and hung out with former international and NBA basketball legend Arvynis Sabonis’s son, Domantas Sabonis, current star player for the NBA’s Indiana Pacers.

We went to Bryant Park to watch the skaters and stopped for some lunch in the big winter tent for some Pierogis (dumplings) which were great.

In the evening we went to Times Square to see if we could get some last minute Broadway tickets and decided to try Frozen – which we ended up getting at the Theatre. The show was fun – songs from the movie and some additional songs, cool light effects and many excited people in the crowd (the Playbill specifically mentioned no singing along, which was not always adhered to by other members of the crowd).

Afterwards we came outside and it was absolutely freezing (frozen 🤪) and we stopped off for some dinner before getting home in the warm.

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