Well today started off ridiculously cold -5C!!
When we were ready to start the day we started with coffee and breakfast at Starbucks.

After the highly skilled navigator (Dad) got us to the museum (just to give a little insight – down the 20 or so steps to enter the station, to get to the M train we had to go down the extremely long escalators, running onto the train, making sure everyone was on it, then two stops to change to the B train – had to go down another level – another twenty or so steps down- jump on the train for 3 stops getting off at 81st street then walk to the exit which involved going up many steps and escalators then out. (Navigator got us here again!)
The boy was so excited as we walked up to the American museum of Natural History , jumping up and down remembering it in the movies – Elf and night at the museum.
Lots of different areas in the museum to see from mammals, sea life to space. There were many heated discussions about relative sized from protons to galaxies – lots of fun.

Then walked approx 20 mins through Central Park where we found out it was really cold. The boy was the sensible one who wore two pairs of pants (he may or may not have been teased this morning for it).

Ice skating in Central Park was next on the list, only three for skating plus one spectator and photographer. Skated for approx 1 1/2 hrs with a little break – photographer had to go inside after an hour as she couldn’t feel her legs or hands ( -2 at the time). Amazing scenery though with the NYC city scape surrounding the ice rink. After racing around the rink the boy had spectacular stacks many times over – brushed the ice off and continued skating, thankful no broken bones.

Headed down to 51st street to the museum of modern Art – it is free on Fridays from 4pm to 7 so we went along with thousands of others. Such great art from sculptures, to paintings from Pollock, Money, Picassoand Van Gogh (we think the kids were impressed).

Onto 5th ave for a quick look at some shops (including the boy in the motion Xbox game) then a ten minute walk back close to our hotel to another urban space eating area (which we spotted when walking past this morning). We again didn’t really have lunch so had had a bigger Linner, with great Asian, Middle Eastern and American food. The boy was almost asleep at the table – probably understandable due to lack of nutrition through the day and he had skated the longest and fastest. Short walk back to hotel for much need sleep and rest.

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