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We had a very big sleep in today and only got out of the hotel at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. We had a quick stop at Starbucks, where the parents had lattes, I had a strawberry frappacino & boy had the usual grande size water with ice.

After Starbucks we headed to the Rockefeller where we would go to the top and look over the city. As we were heading there we went to a couple of shops (LEGO shop & toy shop). To get up to the rock we needed to go up 69 floors in a elevator. The roof of the elevator was glass so you could see how fast & high we went. Mum was very thrilled about this (not). When we were up there we had a amazing view of New York. There were three different levels of viewing. On one side of the building we could see the Empire State Building and the other side we could see Central Park.

After having a good time at the Rockefeller we caught a subway to Greenwich village. We had previously been in this area on a food tour. Firstly we went to a Belgium fries place. They were pretty good. Then we went to a place called Artichoke Pizza. We had been there on the food tour and we loved it so we decided to go back. Then we went to a falafel place. We had green falafel and it was very delicious. Then finally we went to a place where the first cappuccino was poured in the U.S. The outside of the coffee shop was green and the inside was the original decoration and building. It was very busy so we couldn’t get a seat so we just got two cannanolis and they very good.

Then we caught the subway back and stopped at urbanspace for a drink. Then had a quick stop at our local duane reades for the essentials (frosty flakes and popcorn). Then we headed back to the hotel for a good nights rest

The Boy:

Today we slept until 1 o’clock well the parents did (editors note – this is not true) I slept in til 8 oclock. 

We got ready for the day and headed off. We started with a quick coffee well I didn’t I had a water with ice. Then we headed off to the Rockefeller. Our new friends from the food tour gave us the passes so that we can get on fun things for free and then before we got on the Rockefeller we went to the lego store and then we went to another store full of toys and it was really cool because there was just lots of cool things and then after we did that we went up to Rockefeller.

It didn’t take very long but when you look up in the elevator it was like a movie playing but then if you didn’t look at the movie you could see through the glass and then you could see through to the elevator shaft.

Up the top there was three levels that you could go on. Once we got to the top, the bottom of the three levels was level 66 then we went up. You had a way better view every time you went up. The view was over the Empire State building and that was cool and then you could see New Jersey and Brooklyn Bridge and a lot of helicopters flying by and planes. Then I really need to go to the toilet so then we kind of hurried up because you’re outside on the top of the building and  I could’ve wet my pants because of the large water.

After we finished at the Rockefeller Center we went to Greenwich and there was this really good street called Bleecker Street. It was really good because there were lots of good choices of food. The first place we went to was like a Belgian chip place, and we had garlic aioli with our chips and it was really good sauce and we also had tomato sauce (ketchup). Then we went to a place that had been on the food tour called artichoke pizza we didn’t get the artichoke pizza this time we got pepperoni pizza and we got margarita pizza and they both were really good and really big so we had to cut them up. Then we had falafel balls, but I didn’t have one this time. The girl got a falafel ball and will be forever in love with falafel balls because she loves falafels. Then we went to this place that was the first place that poured a cup of coffee in New York. Then we got these roll things that had cream and were really good and that’s the end of my fabulous story.

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  1. We love the girl and boys description of their day. Maybe you should carry some spare wipes in case of emergency spills. Keep enjoying your time.

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