Actually out of the hotel early – to see some snow!

With the chance of a small amount of snow overnight the mum and dad had been up throughout the night checking out the window and checking the radar and forecasts. Around 8am the mum looked out and saw it falling in front of our window. We quickly pulled on some clothes to get outside. We were excited to see snow falling down and catching it in our mouths and on our bald heads. Small amounts were collecting on cars parked on the streets. Not the 10 inches that have fallen in Washington (where we just were) but we were happy we saw some snow on our trip. The streets and footpaths were all salted to prevent ice, we saw the road being salted as we had breakfast.

Later in the morning we headed towards Madison Square Garden (The most famous arena in the world ®) for the Knicks 76ers NBA game at 1 pm. Before we looked at some shops in the area, the dad got a TShirt representing his work for $1.75.

The mum must have a very friendly face, making friends throughout the trip – on the subway, on the street, on the food tour, with people offering directions, advice and also their unused tickets for activities and events (we used for Rockerfeller). Today we thought she was making other random friend, but she had actually said hello to a mum we know from Sturt basketball and then we said hello to the whole family who have been travelling around Canada and USA – the people you run into in 34th Street New York!

The basketball was great, our seats were near the front of the second level, which gave us a good view, but we didn’t realize gave us TVs in front, which provided us the scoreboard and the NFL playoffs game happening at the same time. During half time we went for a wander in the stadium up to an amazing upper balcony which sits out over the crowd below giving a birds-eye view of the court. 

The game itself was good, the Sixers got up by 20+ points early, but the Knicks got it back to 1 point and actually had a shot at the buzzer to tie it, but missed.

Aussie Ben Simmons was the standout – he had 20+ points, 20+ rebounds and 9 assists.

After the basketball we stopped for a drink at the shops and walked 30 minutes or so home.

For dinner we went a few streets over to a Japanese Ramen restaurant. We all thought we were hungry but no one could finish the delicious bowls.

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