We started the day with a walk through the Eastern part of midtown, down 2nd and 3rd Avenues which look a lot more residential than Lexington/Park/Madison/5th Avenues where we have spent more of our time.

We got a ticket on the ferry. Although it was a beautiful day with perfect blue sky, it was absolutely freezing, especially as we decided to sit on the roof in the open air. It was a great view across Manhattan and Brooklyn. After 4 stops we arrived in Dumbo, Brooklyn. We had a look around the dock area and the kids got an ice cream (very important when it’s -3C outside).

We then walked over the Brooklyn Bridge, which again provided great views but was still absolutely freezing.

We then caught a subway from the end of the Brooklyn Bridge. We jumped on a near empty carriage and as the door closed were greeted by the worst smell we have ever experienced – thankfully we got off at the next stop to transfer to another train.

The dad and boy went to Spyscape – an interactive spy experience which included museum stuff, quizzes and activities such as code breaking, detecting lying and a mission impossible type laser tunnel. The girls went and found some lunch and to Bloomingdales.

We returned to the hotel to pack and then back to Urbanspace for our last New York dinner. 

All packed up, ready for some sleep before 42 hours of travel 😐

4 thoughts on “Ferry to Brooklyn

  1. I think you better stay on plane and loop around to us on our island to warm yourselves up! You are all looking a little pale lol!

    It was once again fantastic to follow your journey and can’t wait to see you all soon (especially you [mum], need help with the feet lol)

    Wishing you a safe journey home and hoping the boy doesn’t keep waking up his mother!!! xx

  2. I can’t believe it’s come to an end – boo! What am I going to read now!!
    Look forward to seeing you all soon. Happy travels.

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