Up early today to leave the room to have breakfast and get to the train station. A slow trip across the city but we still got there in plenty of time.  

The train was again a great way to travel. As we got further away from New York we started to see small amounts of snow besides the tracks and by the time we got closer to Washington there was still a thick covering of snow over the ground trees and roofs.

When we arrived in Washington Union station we rushed outside and marveled at the untouched thick snow still on parts of the ground (the roads and paths had been cleared). 

We variously threw it around, ate it, attempted to make small snowmen out of it and smashed our faces into it. A great time. We couldn’t wander too far with our cases but eventually decided to leave and get a car to the airport. Traveling around with the snow everywhere was a cool experience, and we kept loved seeing tree branches, cars, steps, posts and other everyday objects covered in a thick layer of snow.

We got to the airport many hours early, well ahead of our two flights home – then just 24 hours flying and 4 hours in Hong Kong and we finally arrived in Adelaide. After a scary incident on the plane we were delayed a while on the tarmac but we were extremely glad to see grandpa/dad who came to take us home.

A great trip but also really happy to be home.

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